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Helping Marriages Succeed Even When You Feel That All Hope is Lost.

Dr. Tanika Forestal is a wife, mother, ordained minister and licensed marriage and family therapist. Dr. Forestal is the founder and president of Relationship Rescue Academy, a specialized counseling practice focusing on intensive marriage and couple's therapy in Kokomo, In. Dr. Forestal and her husband Edith Forestal are ministers at Fuel Church in Kokomo, where they oversee the Fortified Marriage and Family Ministry.  Dr. Forestal is also on the Pastoral Care Team at Fuel Church.

Alongside a few of her best girlfriends, she co-hosts a Facebook live women's ministry called Girlfriend Circle. She is passionate about assisting couples with obtaining a healthy godly marriage as well as serving women in ministry.

You can find out more about Dr. Tanika Forestal's intensive therapy and ministry opportunities at:

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