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With the Love for God, and a clear understanding of her purpose in Christ, the Lord has given Sheila Hill a passion to encourage others to step out on faith as they strive to reach their destiny in Him. 


Sheila knows all about being the ultimate woman and doesn't mind sharing the secrets of her success with other women. As a highly skilled professional and business woman with over 20 years of experience, Sheila knows what it takes to start and build a business from the ground up.  The multi-faceted entrepreneur, certified life coach and international speaker has an energetic personality and her messages are both very candid and open.  As she leads with wisdom and grace, Sheila has made it her personal mission to teach women to live their lives with purpose.  


Sheila has been married to the love of her life, Charles, for 22 years. The happy couple were baptized and ordained together in the ministry.  Later they started their own business and are now partners in ministry, life, and business.


The duo has a passion for helping couples identify their purpose and seeing their marriages transformed.  They believe that in order to live your life dreams, purpose demands you to be the best you in every area of your life and marriage. Sheila works alongside her husband as founders of Happily Ever After, a marriage ministry “Empowering Marriages & Equipping Singles”.   


As you listen to her minister, you will notice that she demonstrates an open heart turned towards God and her ministry is proof that the hand of the Lord is upon her life.  Sheila hopes that her message will encourage and motivate you to explore who you are and the purpose for which God has created you.

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