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The 2019 Girlfriend's Transformation Retreat

October 4-5

Cliffbreakers Events &

Conference Center

Rockford, IL


Hey Girlfriends

Do you Know HerJourney


Deadline for all entries August 31, 2019

1. Nominees must be registrants of the “Girlfriend's Transformation" Retreat. There is no geographic restriction on the nominees; they simply must be able to schedule appointments, most services will be performed on the Friday preceding the conference.

2. Nominees may be adult women age 18 years  or older.

3. Winners must be available for consultations and initial evaluations via phone. The chosen female must
provide information such as height/weight, clothing size, measurements, photos etc… to assist the experts and
professionals in planning for their makeover.


4. Nominations must be completed on the official “Girlfriends” nomination form online and must
be received on/before midnight the deadline on the nomination form, no exceptions.  Nominators may be contacted for a
brief interview and follow-up questions.  Winners will be notified via phone, email and/or mail within 15 days after the
nomination period has ended.

The Winner will receive:
1. An exclusive appointment with a hair care expert and stylist which includes an updated or new “do” along
with instructions on how to best care for your hair.

2. A consultation with an fashion stylist who will provide advice on how to look your best in all settings. Winners
will receive a gift of a professionally selected outfit and styling for the retreat “reveal.”


3. A consultation with and makeup application and tips from a professional makeup artist.

4. A “one on one” session with a life coach.

5. A manicure and pedicure.

6. A photo shoot with a talented photographer.

7. Unveiling at the “Girlfriends Transformation" Retreat and few extra surprises.


The winner must attend the conference as paid registrants and be present for the entire day. We reserve the right to alter, change the offered services due to unforeseen circumstances. Nominees may not request refund of registration fees if they are not selected as winners. All decisions are final. Submit questions to

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