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Girld Reading Book

Girlfriend's Community Bible Study

Virtual Experience
Saturdays | March 19 - March 26
10 PM - 12:00 PM

Girlfriends is a community bible study for all women.  Inspiring women to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Each bible study is bible-centered, focused on Christ, and the teachings will equip, encourage, and challenge you to grow in your spiritual life.  It’s our desire that you will receive clarity as we dive into the scriptures.  Our prayer is that those who attend the community Bible study  will become excited about studying God's word. Connect with other women who like studying the  Bible.  Join us, with other girlfriends and don't miss the fun and excitement surrounding the  Word!      


Join women from all over the world to study the Word of God and grow together in faith.  We will be studying the book "He Speaks to Me" by Priscilla Shirer.  Each week the study will be led by some dynamic speakers.  Be prepare to be empowered by our exceptional lineup of speakers. 

Jump online via Zoom and fellowship.  This is a great opportunity to study the Word, to grow spiritually with other Christian women and to know God through His Word.

March 19, 2022 @ 10AM - 12PM

March 26, 2022 @ 10AM - 12PM


This is a virtual event and registration is required. 


*The book is not required although recommended.

Preparing to Hear from God

A common question of many Christians is, "How can I know when God is speaking to me?" Priscilla uses the account of God speaking to Samuel in 1 Samuel 3 to show how God speaks to Christians and how we can discern His voice and position ourselves to respond. In this exciting adventure, participants will discover how God spoke to Samuel, Samuel's response, and how He speaks to believers today; they will be encouraged to listen and respond to God's voice; and by listening to God's voice and obeying Him, women will experience spiritual growth, Christian discipline, and the desire to serve.

Priscilla relates six characteristics found in Samuel that are applicable to women today as they tune their hearts to hear God's voice. These characteristics are:


  • A Simple Relationship

  • A Set Apart Holiness

  • A Still Attentiveness

  • A Single-Minded Worship

  • A Sold Out Hunger

  • A Servant's Spirit


By listening to God's voice and obeying Him, women will be drawn into a closer relationship to God that brings a deeper desire to serve Him faithfully. 

Image by Alex Talmon


SATURDAY | March 19, 2022

10:00AM - 12:00PM



Session 1:  A Simple Relationship 
Session 2:  A Single-Minded Worship 
Session 3:  A Set-Apart Holiness 

SATURDAY | March 26, 2022

10:00AM - 12:00PM

Session 4:  A Still Attentiveness 
Session 5:  A Sold-Out Hunger 
Session 6:  A Servant Spirit 

*The book is not required although recommended.

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