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Girlfriend's Transformation

7 Day Prayer & Fast Challenge

Starting September 23, 2019

we challenge you to encourage a woman

empower a woman

naturally and spiritually

Image by Arnel Hasanovic

How the 7-Day Challenge Works:

Girlfriends exist to empower every woman to define her divine moments in life and fulfill her God-given destiny. Be a woman of influence by encouraging a woman. We can help you encourage a woman for seven days by providing you with an encouraging word and scripture.

First things first: 

Officially join the challenge to be a woman of influence to transform a woman life.



Join our Facebook page to receive daily reminders to encourage another woman and to receive encouragement.



Starting Sunday, September 1, check your email to receive a daily devotional and prayer.

Hey Girlfriends


Join Girlfriends for our 7-Day Transformation Prayer & Fast and be transformed by the renewing your mind.  ​This challenge is designed to help you remove distractions to reset your life and focus. Join hundreds of others on the journey to self-discovery and personal growth!

We desire for you to become TRANSFORMED through:

Personal Development
& Growth

An introduction to information that will change your life and set you on the way to finding your purpose

Compassion & Self-Love

Girlfriends is a place where you will be accepted and inspired, supported, never judged or shamed

Healing & Wholeness

Get free from your past so that you can catapult into the future God has

just for you

Spiritual Encourter

An opportunity to relax your mind and body and feed your spirit with the truth that will set you free 

Relationship & Situationship

Promoting  healthy relationships and breaking soul ties

Positively Connected

We are all Girlfriends here, It matters who you align yourself with, you will be  empowered, and encouraged in  love

Financial Freedom

Learn how to access financial    freedom and tap into your blessings 

Career & Business

Receive insight on how you can grow in your career and expand your business

Fun & Fearless 

We believe in having fun, being fierce, and most importantly... tapping into our best selves


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