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Is committed to facilitating transformation and empowering women to confidently embrace their God-given purpose and achieve their fullest potential.

Are you called to ministry but unsure of where to begin? Or perhaps you are currently working your ministry but sense that something is missing. As a woman leader in ministry, do you feel overwhelmed and in need of guidance? Whether you are starting from scratch or seeking to elevate your existing ministry, EquipHer offers a three-day intensive designed to equip and empower you to fulfill the good works that God has prepared in advance for you. Recognize that you are God's masterpiece, created with intention and equipped with unique gifts that are meant to shine brightly in this world. Our goal is to help you discover your purpose, embrace your potential, and emerge from this experience feeling renewed and confident in your ability to execute your vision while maintaining healthy relationships. Let us help you navigate your journey with ease and grace.

Unlock the Potential of Your Ministry. Amplify Your Influence. Harness Your Creative Capacity.  
Join us for a transformative 3-Day Intensive where we will provide expert guidance on strategic planning and execution to catapult your ministry to the next level.


The EquipHER 3-Day Intensive is an extraordinary experience designed exclusively for women, with a specific focus on allowing them to fully concentrate on the actions required to achieve their ministry goals. It is a unique opportunity to connect with other influential women who are considered to be POWERHOUSES in their respective places. During this 3-days, participants can enjoy uninterrupted time and the space to fully immerse themselves in their pursuits, and make valuable connections with like-minded women.

The EquipHER 3-Day Intensive is for the
Woman Who's Ready to make BIG POWER MOVES 

(pastors, pastor wives, ministers, teachers, ministry leaders or woman called to due ministry but not alone)

At our exclusive 3-day intensive EquipHER, we're granting your wish for a dedicated three-days to break free from the daily grind. Immerse yourself in intensive learning & implementation, personal growth, restoration, and resurgence. This is your moment to:

Learn From Industry Experts

Transform your desire for uninterrupted focus into actionable strategies. Discover valuable insights and be empowered by fellow ministry and business owners across similar industries.

Prioritize Your Wellbeing

For 3-days, center your attention on ministry and business growth and personal rejuvenation. Experience mindfulness practices that empower you with sustainable success tools.

Cultivate Connection

Connect with other female leaders & entrepreneurs in the marketplace who share your passion for dedicating exclusive time to enhancing your spiritual and business growth. Build partnerships that motivate and uplift each other's progress.

Elevate Your  Ministry Skills

Immerse yourself in a series of interactive workshops, engaging hands-on activities, and meaningful dialogues that will elevate your skill set to new levels. By participating in these dynamic learning opportunities, you will emerge equipped with the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to confidently lead your ministry towards success.


Develop Your Leadership

Do you ever find yourself desiring a specific time set aside for working on your ministry rather than just constantly being consumed by it? It could be that your busy lifestyle and heavy ministry load leave you with limited time to plan for the future, and you yearn for more hours to dedicate to your ministry but are uncertain where to start. Despite life's demands, I empathize with you who face such challenges. Therefore, I created EquipHer, which provides you with the necessary guidance and support to not only cope but also flourish in both your ministry and the marketplace.

Professional Rock Climbing


Build Your Brand

Unlock your creative power, by dedicating 3-days to strategic empowerment, innovation, and automation you will make room for the REAL reason you got into ministry... TO SERVE. 

It's time to set your ministry up for true longevity you create MORE opportunity to devote to all areas of your life. It's time to embody HER and content making machine you are even when you aren’t working. 

Imagine the expansion that comes from spending the next six months operating in your zone, free from day-to-day hassles, completely embodied in your ministry.


Restore You

Join EquipHer for a three-day intensive that takes you on a wellness journey towards healing and empowerment. As women ministry leaders, we provide a safe space for transformative experiences that promote emotional restoration, personal growth, and resilience. Through educational and empowering workshops, our customized funnels strategy will equip you to better serve women without compromising your relationships. By the end of the program, you'll emerge feeling completely nourished and revitalized, ready to transition forward with ease and grace to execute your vision. Our ultimate mission is to empower you towards your goals.

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Evaluate Your Faith

Join other women like-minded women of faith, pursuing purpose and their potential.  

Our goal is to ensure you leave the EquipHer 3-Day Intensive with a comprehensive toolkit.

monthly online check-ins

access to the inclusive and supportive women community

guidance and mentorship

collaboration & speaking opportunities

mindset and confidence-building

enhance your public speaking

A 12-month plan and strategy ready to roll

Complete rebranding, including a professional photoshoot

3-6 months of content creation 

learn the art of story-telling to build your brand and connect your audience.

vision casting

grow your sustainable innovation

Above all, you'll emerge feeling completely nourished and revitalized. Our mission is to empower you to transition forward with ease and grace, ready to execute your vision without compromising your relationships.

Drawing on Glass


This 3-day intensive is for those who aspire to:
Spend more time IN their life than stressing over what they haven't done in their ministry.  


Build a clear strategy tailored to your ministry


Embody healthy masculine & feminine energy for leadership within your ministry


Reclaim your power and direction within your ministry


Understand your success blueprint and energetically aligned fast-tracking results


Illuminate areas where your shadow influences your direction in the marketplace


Step into your next quantum leap embodying feminine leadership

YES, This Is For Me!

  • You're a thought leader in your industry and desire to make a noticeable impact in your public leadership presence.

  • You're teetering on your next level ministry and want to be held powerfully to ensure you can embody this next level.

  • You are desiring a thinking partner/sounding board to bounce off and open up blind spots to expand the potentiality of your creation.

  • You have a desire for your brand & signature offering to be recognized internationally.

NO, This Is Probably Not For Me!

  • You are not willing to step outside your comfort zone.

  • You are "too busy at work" and are not willing to learn something new to scale your ministry.
  • You believe you have to just keep pushing hard to get results.

  • You are not willing to do the work in your own inner world to change the trajectory of your life.

  • You are not willing to take ownership of where you refuse to step into your authentic self.

Order Is Complete


3-Day Intensive

Your Experience Includes:

  • 3-Days to develop, build, transform, and restore you!

  • Experience breakthrough, empowerment, and inspiration

  • Welcome gift bag to welcome you to the event

  • Full branding photoshoot including makeup artist (5 images)

  • Full branding video recorded (1 video)

  • Professional biography enhancement

  • Workbook including worksheets, exercises, and prompts to help you integrate all of the teachings during the event

  • Step-by -Step guidance to implement necessary upgrades to ministry plans

  • Get aligned and on target with your goals and objectives

  • Daily workshops to deepen your ministry and marketplace skillset

  • Meals for the entire 3-Days (prepared by private chef)

  • Network with other powerful women just like you in an exclusive community & start building relationships that’ll last a lifetime

  • Opportunity to speak at one of the upcoming I AM HER events

  • Accommodations to ensure rest breaks and rejuvenation

  • One-on-one time to recalibrate, refocus, and recharge

  • Of course activities, fun, and more

3-Day Intensive

Invite ONLY Event

July 18-20, 2024

Exclusive Location in Loves Park, IL

To be Announced upon Registration


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Limited Spaces Available

Secure your spot today to unleash your ministry potential. The EquipHER 3-Day Intensive is an exclusive opportunity to craft your ministry's future and reclaim your innovative power.

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