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Join Us!




Hundreds of women have joined us for this weekend of personal transformation and now it’s your turn! 

Join Dr. Sheila, for her 6th Annual Girlfriends Conference where you’ll be among hundreds of others who want to focus on becoming everything you are destined to be.  Learn how to break old cycles, jump-start new and healthy habits, rejuvenate your spiritual journey, revitalize your lifestyle, and live your absolute best lives.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, life coach, entrepreneur, or just someone who wants to live more authentically, unapologetically, with joy join us for two days of prayer, worship, and hearing the Word of God, all while, evolving and being pampering.  

We have created an experience to help you be transformed.  We are no longer waiting for permission, to become.  Together we will create new lanes, reinvent roles, and break glass ceilings.  

I can't wait to celebrate with you!

Dr. Sheila Hill 


Volunteer Opportunity

We invite you to serve with us. There are opportunities for greeters, registration, parking lot attendants, and security.
Join us in helping make the I Am HER a life-changing experience!

Areas of Service

Thanks for your interest!





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